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Welcome to RiskBirbal - your trusted insurance partner.
As an Insurance broker, we specialize in providing personalized coverage through a streamlined policy selection process. Our goal is to ensure a balanced approach between premium costs and benefits, tailored to meet your specific needs. We are committed to your satisfaction, evident through our timely renewals and fast claim settlements. With us, you can trust that your insurance needs are in capable hands
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Riskbirbal Insurance Brokers Private Limited


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A Fearless Approach to Risk Management

RiskMantra, our innovative solution, harnesses advanced AI methodologies to proactively identify and mitigate potential threats. Our automated strategies allocate resources efficiently, minimizing impacts and empowering stakeholders to make informed decisions aligned with their objectives. Integrated with top insurers, we reduce financial losses through suitable coverage options.
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Elevating Employee Health & Benefits

Welcome to WellConnect, where we believe in the power of comprehensive employee health insurance. We provide flexibility customized to your unique needs, ensuring you receive the coverage that suits you best. Our plans promote a healthy lifestyle, rewarding your fitness efforts and offering amazing discounts. We prioritize preventive care, sending reminders for health checkups.
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Insurance Policies

General Insurance

General insurance, often referred to as non-life or property and casualty insurance, is an essential part of protecting your assets and mitigating risk. At Riskbirbal, we offer a wide range of general insurance policies designed to safeguard your property, assets, and provide liability coverage for unexpected events. Know More

Life Insurance

At Riskbirbal Insurance Brokers, we recognize the paramount importance of securing your family's future. Hence, we offer extensive array of life insurance policies personalised based on your unique needs and financial goals. As risk specialists, we work with top life insurance companies to give you the best life insurance policies that satisfy your needs. We promise to provide you with access to the best insurance plans, complete coverage, and peace of mind for the future of you and your family. Know More


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Trusted Insurance Partners; Working hand-in-hand with all leading insurance companies to secure your future with peace of mind.


Meet Our Leadership Team

At Riskbirbal Insurance Broker, our success is driven by a dedicated and experienced leadership team. Know More

Mukesh Jairath - Director

Mukesh Jairath

Syed Meraj Imam Naqvi

Syed Meraj Naqvi

Our Happy Customers

We highly value your feedback. Your thoughts and opinions are the compass that directs our journey towards excellence. Dive into the testimonials of our cherished customers as they narrate their experiences. Your valuable insights inspire us to constantly evolve our products and services, always putting your satisfaction at the forefront.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An insurance broker is a person who helps you find and buy insurance that fits your needs. They work with different insurance companies to compare plans and prices for you.

Using an insurance intermediary brings several advantages. They offer expert advice tailored to your needs, save you time by comparing policies, and give you access to a broader range of options. They can also help you find cost-effective coverage, simplify complex insurance terms, assist with claims, and provide ongoing support as your insurance needs change.

By focusing on niche markets or specific industries, utilizing advanced technology for a better customer experience, providing exceptional customer service, offering innovative insurance products not widely available, and having a deep understanding of the Indian insurance market and regulations.

Being First Insurance broker in India to provide online quotation for all the insurance policies.

Providing Free Fixed Asset Valuation Instantly with Just a Few Clicks.

Furthermore, Many new Innovative Risk Management and Mitigation Solutions are coming soon!!

the name "RiskBirbal," the brand may aim to embody qualities similar to Birbal's, such as wisdom, strategic thinking, and the ability to navigate complex challenges, in the context of managing and mitigating risks in the insurance industry. The name suggests that, like Birbal, the company seeks to provide smart, effective solutions to its clients' insurance needs, emphasizing trust, expertise, and innovative problem-solving in the realm of risk management.

Wellconnect is an application designed for managing employee benefit policies, and it is operated by Riskbirbal Management Services Pvt Ltd under a partnership agreement.